Bullying in schools is an unsuitable conduct that Claudio Cerullo wants to see controlled and stopped. The fact is that adults have an obligation to stop any threats to a child or teen. Schools must have clear and far reaching counteractive action practices and arrangements that address all types of tormenting and badgering and underline aversion; opportune, steady mediation; social-passionate backings for casualties and spooks; and clear, successful disciplinary approaches. School analysts work with teachers, understudies, and families to guarantee that each kid feels safe at, and while in transit to and from, school.

        All schools work to avoid school violence and. Adults, whether teachers or custodians or police officers all have a critical part in advancing school wellbeing. Adults can help to impose the safety and anti-bulling measures in schools by encouraging students to take an active role in having students take responsibility for their actions. The students need to be encouraged to do their part in maintaining a safe school environment. Anti-bullying begins by showing respect and equality for all and having the students participate in the safety planning.

         Claudio Cerullo reiterates that schools need to have rules and that students must be responsible to obey them. Any variation from those rules should be reported to the school safety officer or any adult. The students can be assured that the reports of infractions are anonymous so that they can feel free to tell on someone without fear of retribution. Since teaching social responsibility is one of the responsibilities of schools it is important to teach that everyone is responsible to stop bullying.