In many respects it is not easy to measure the effects of school anti-bullying programs and Claudio Cerullo has advanced some measure to allow for this measurement. It is important to measure the effectiveness in order to allow for greatest amount of security for the students. Intervention control comparisons before anti-violence programs are put into effect is a reliable source of data.

      Many intervention control comparisons measure the schools bullying reports statistics before and after interventions such as a police officer in the school. The effectiveness of the intervention programs are measured by comparing students who received it and the comparison of the students who served as a control group or in other words received no intervention The intervention espoused by Cerullo is the introduction of a police officer as a community peace officer.

       Although it is impossible to measure completely the effectiveness of anti-bullying programs in schools, offering a safe and secure environment for students is the goal of all programs. Less incidents of bullying are reported when a police officer is employed and visible in schools. Some reasons for this might be the deterrent factor of the presence of an officer.  The physical presence of a police officer serves as a professional to measure the threat that any bully can be causing. If it is simply words spoken against a student the offender may simply need some firm words.

            Claudio Cerullo also believes that this assessment of the threat by a police officer greatly reduces the ability of a student to carry out any particular threat against another.