Police officers have been very effective in preventing school violence as part of a program that Claudio Cerullo believes in to help stem the violence in high schools and even elementary schools. The use of police officers also allows for an individual interaction with a police officer in a non-threatening manner to get the students accustomed to talking with police personnel.

        School administration and guidance personnel can help to create a feeling of protected, secure, and quiet schools free from the damaging impact of bullying in the classrooms with the assistance of a police officer. To do that, schools must use the intentional, composed techniques to build levels of wellbeing and security and at the same time advance understudy health and versatility. These endeavors enhance students’ availability to learn and create positive school atmospheres.

        School violence is a wide term that incorporates clear forceful practices, for example, physical battles on grounds, harassing (counting internet tormenting or digital harassing), physical ambush, besieging, torching, or other intentional method for making hurt the staff and understudies. Tragically, it incorporates uncommon, grievous, decimating school shootings. Furthermore, school violence and bullying incorporates more fear and lessens school wellbeing, in students.

        For example, the dangers of damage at school, weapons ownership, and provocation. All help to create a sense of fear in students and are counterproductive to a healthy learning and growing environment.  In a few groups, posse’s initiate school-age understudies to be individuals and add to viciousness in schools.

        Claudio Cerullo believes that the example of a professional officer contains many attributes to help school violence prevention from occurring.  The goal is to create a positive learning experience and give the students a sense of security.