Bullying gives one-person power over another according to Claudio Cerullo one of the leaders of the stop the bullying Campaign. Taking away the ability of one person to gain this power over another is one of the goals of the program. Once the power struggle is neutralized the bullying can be resolved and a problem adverted.

      Anti-bullying campaigns are effect in schools. There results of the school guidance counselors has been positive as many schools have adopted a zero tolerance policy so that as young children the students are taught that bullying will not be tolerated. The effect of zero tolerance has been effective as the students are appreciating having a non-threatening learning environment.

        The Teach Anti-Bullying group promotes anti-bullying by being committed and dedicated to saving children and promoting peace. They solicit funds and provide for field trips for students so that they can get to know one another outside of the school environment. These funds are used to increase the awareness of the anti-bullying campaigns and also to provide a forum for police, school administrators, community leaders and concerned adults to gather and receive information that is needed for them to assist the school in helping in their own sphere to promote anti-bullying.

       Claudio Cerullo is the founder of this group and encourages adults and children be become a part of the group. The main focus of the group is to encourage all the parties, the police, the adults, and the children to talk and express their feelings.