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Meet Teach Anti Bullying, Inc.

Teach Anti Bullying, Inc., a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, is an anti-bullying and school violence prevention organization that assists schools, communities, and organizations nationwide in the programmatic development of both bullying prevention and school violence preparedness.

Founded by Dr. Claudio V. Cerullo in 2011 to assist the victims of bullying, Teach Anti Bullying, Inc. conducts school assemblies for children and meetings for parent support groups, provides Act 48 teacher professional development and organizational training in bullying/school violence prevention, and engages in outreach, advocacy, and bullying awareness nationwide.

Our founder Claudio V. Cerullo Partners with law enforcement to further the cause of anti-bullying.

Police from many communities across the United States are partners of Teach Anti Bullying. Law enforcement frequently endorse Dr. Claudio V. Cerullo.


This organization is outstanding to say the least! Thank you for the work you do in bring awareness to yet another form of violence.

Kathy Brown

City of Baltimore

Dr. Cerullo and Director of Operations Daniela Redpath demonstrated a strong desire with conviction and sincere passion for their anti bullying program. I was very impressed with their thoroughness and attention to detail. I feel their message was very moving and one that this country. the children, parents and especially the school districts within need to be exposed to until the violence and loss of our children is no more.

Michael Sean Giurlani

Retired State Trooper, Nevada Highway Patrol

Any one that has children in PreK-8th grade needs a copy of the Teaching Anti-Bulling book. So easy to learn and what a way to teach our children about bullying.

Karen S

5th Grade Teacher from Sheridan, Ohio

Dr. C has been the voice of reason to me and for my daughter Kaylee through this whole ordeal. He stepped up to advocate for Kaylee when the school and others failed to. I can not thank him and Teach Anti Bullying, Inc. enough for their support of our daughter through this tough time.

Melissa Wilson

Corporate Sponsor

A special thanks to our corporate sponsor M&T Bank. Dedicated to helping young people fight bullying.

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Teach Anti-Bullying, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) public charity. All donations to Teach Anti-Bullying, Inc. are tax-deductible. Only donations over $250 are provided a tax substantiation letter so please keep your electronic receipts for smaller donations.

We welcome donations that have matching funds provided by your employer. Contact your employer’s Human Resources department office for details.

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